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I have been attending a writing class and a number of the other members of the group are also artists as well as writers. The instructor, David Robbins came up with the idea  and arranged for an exhibition to be held at a local bistro, Ana’s Cafe. I put together a website that we can use to share information in preparation for the show,, and some recent work related to what I expect show.

The Author Artist exhibition at Ana’s Cafe will open on November 16 at 3:30.

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Over the course of the last several weeks I made some changes to the content on the site, deleting some work and adding a group of new drawings done this August. While I have continued to work with traditional art media, my focus some some number of years turned to what might be done with digital imaging programs. Now I work with both paint, charcoal, and computer programs. The end goal now likely to be a physical object, but at every stage I use Photoshop or other imaging programs to develop an idea. So at some points along the way, a digital image may stand in for what in what a drawing done with physical media might have filled in the more traditional process of refining an idea. I know that both are valid, as works in themselves, and as part of a process. I have been sharing both on social media, but now will begin to present both here when that makes sense in presenting a story of work in process. And that presentation of story is an idea I want to pursue here, not just show individual works, but show them in the context in which they were made.

So a change in the idea of how to present content. The drawings from August were done as studies for other work in ceramic and wood, and at the same time stand on their own. I wanted to show something of the sequence of development of one image from those before. The other change, more personal is that I have decided to switch careers, and return to putting most of my effort into making art and semi-retire as a digital media designer. That decision is one of the drivers in updating the website. I will continue to use the figurative work as the intro piece, because I feel that all of my work, however abstract, flows finally from the work I have done in drawing from the figure, in the feel for proportion and movement learned there, and in the motor skills developed through that practice.

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